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A stand up paddleboard allows you to combine your love of paddling and surfing!

Take one out on the lake or river and enjoy spectacular views of the water. 

There are boards available for kids, beginners, advanced paddlers and even family boards so you can paddle together! 

Fun for the whole family

The upright position and paddling motion provides a full body, cardio workout while out on the water.

A great workout!

The width of the board makes it easy to balance. You just need to understand how to stand and distribute your weight on the board and you’re good to go.

Easy to learn

Fits inside a carry case the size of a large backpack. Great for travelling!

Can be inflated in 5-10 minutes or less. 

Durable. Unlikely to get damaged paddling through obstacles.

Inflatable SUPs

11' Inflatable SUP


Aqua Marina
Monster SUP


Aqua Marina
Fusion SUP


Inflatable All Around Boards

Provide a more rigid, stable platform to balance on.

No worry about punctures.

Available in various materials for different types of uses.

Hard Top SUP's

11' Huckleberry



12' Americana


Hard Top Cruising Boards


10'6' Classico



11'6 Throwback


Hard Top All Terrain boards

This boards are the perfect size for your kids to manage.

SUP for Kids

Aqua Marina

Vibrant (Youth)


Aqua Marina
Mega SUP (5 Person)


Aqua Marina
Drift Fishing Inflatable SUP


Aqua Marina
SUP Peace


Want something a little different to a regular SUP? We've got you covered! From boards that accommodate up to 5 people to boards that combine you're favourite activities like fishing or yoga!

Specialty SUPs

Aqua Marina
Perspective SUP


Aqua Marina
Super Trip SUP (Family)


Aqua Marina
Champion SUP/Windsurf


Aqua Marina
Blade SUP/Windsurf


High support, adjustable design offers comfort for hours of paddling.

Super tough and high-pressure drop stitch PVC fabric.

Easy storage and set up.

Inflatable Kayaks

Aqua Marina
Tomahawk Kayak


Aqua Marina
Tomahawk 2 Kayak


Aqua Marina
Betta HM Kayak


Aqua Marina
Betta HM 2 Kayak


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